Algaecal Reviews and Testimonials

What have customers been saying about their experiences with AlgaeCal? When you take a look at the AlgaeCal reviews from customers, you will see that they are overwhelmingly positive. Many people who have used this calcium supplement have found that it increased their bone mass over a six month period and the results were measurable in a BEXA scan.

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Also, the customers who used the product reported that they did not have any of the negative side effects that are associated with rock based calcium supplements, such as stomach upset, constipation, nausea, gas and bloating. They found that the sea algae based natural organic calcium was much easier to digest and absorb than other traditional calcium supplement products that come from rocks. The AlgaeCal customer testimonials report no AlgaeCal side effects at all, which has also been confirmed by scientific studies.

There have been a lot of real reviews for AlgaeCal and AlgaeCal Plus, as many customers have been pleased with the results of this product.

AlgaeCal and AlgaeCal Plus Testimonials

Here are a few of the testimonials that have been submitted on the website by AlgaeCal and AlgaeCal Plus users:

“I am committed to using AlgaeCal Plus. I recently had another bone density test and one area has improved slightly and the other area is stable. I am thrilled that this product is doing a wonderful job maintaining good bone health in addition to other life style changes. Thank you Algae Cal.” – Suzan Patalano

“I’m delighted!… my DEXA’s went from Osteoporosis in 2014 to Osteopenia in 2016. In 2014, refusing the RX’s doctors offered, I started HRT along with the AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost regimen. I’m so glad I did! Thank you – thank you for having these products available for those of us who want a natural treatment alternative.” – Pat

“I have taken Algaecal and Strontium Boost Supplement since 2012. My baseline Bone Density Test in 2002; was a T score Lumbar -1.7 and L hip -0.1. By 2011 T score -2.9 Lumbar and hip T score -1.0. I have had Bone Density Exams 2012 and 2014 and now in 2016 my last T score was -2.1 Lumbar and L hip -.8. I no longer have osteoporosis in my lumbar spine and normal hip density. I attribute all this to Algaecal and Strontium Boost. My doctor suggested this product when I no longer wanted to take any conventional medicine for osteoporosis. Thank You.” – Penny Paynter

“Since I started taking AlgaeCal, my osteoporosis has begun to decline and is now 2.5 from 2.6! That is the first year. While not a large change, I am definitely going in the right direction and i expect to see even lower numbers when I get my next bone scan in June. I like that this calcium does not upset my stomach and also provides me with several other essential supplements at I do not have to take separately anymore. I have told several friends about AlgaeCal and they have all now begun taking it too after learning more from the website! Great product.” – Katie Astor

“I do not have an official diagnosis, but I do know I have arthritis in both of my big toes due to past bone spurs. My doctor told me the joints would never be quite right, and arthritis would set in. I’ve been taking Algaecal for almost four months and I can tell it helps. I feel relief in these joint areas, and I don’t have constant discomfort any more.” – Emily H.

“After 2 years and AlgaeCal my dexa scan showed bone growth! I didn’t think this was possible!! So happy!” – Diane Baker

If you would like to read more AlgaeCal reviews and examples of customers who have achieved bone growth and improved health with this product, you can visit the Success Stories page.

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